Are You Clear?

990205258_034Are you clear…on how you want your life to unfold; on the things you want? Are you excited about them? Do you think about them, write about them, dream about them and talk about them? Does just the thought of even one of them put a smile on your face from ear to ear and make you all “bubbly” inside? Do you keep track of what you want and make it a point to take a step each day to make them a reality? Are you grateful in advance for achieving them?

Good for you…you’re well on your way to getting where you want to be in life. Keep going and enjoy the journey. You know that old saying “Getting there is half the fun.” And it is fun to be on that road and learning something new each day.

But if you’re sitting in a corner saying stuff like “I think i want to do this, but,no, maybe not…how about this? On no, that’s not it.” If you can’t make up your mind and if you keep switching directions then not only will your journey not be fun but you may not like where you are when you finally do get somewhere.

Spend some time, sit down, and really figure out what you want. When you hit on it you’ll know; there will be no doubt in your mind. And then you’ll really enjoy the journey AND  the destination.


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