Do You Think Before You Speak?

101_0125 Do you listen when people explain something to you so that you’ll know the right way to do something, or do you just whine and then go on to say you don’t know what to do?

Slow down when someone is explaining something you need to know. Take notes. Read them over. Carefully. And then, if a challenge comes your way, instead of saying “Hey! This happened! Now what am I supposed to do about it? No one told me anything about this!”

Instead, you’ll say something like “Oh yeah, I have that in my notes. Let me see what it says here. Oh. now I remember when Ellen told me about this and what I need to do. I see. This is no problem.”

Don’t jump to conclusions. Listen when people speak, and then calmly apply what they told you when you need to. It will save you a headache.


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