So When?

990107197_027So when…when will you let it go? When will you let all the hurt that you’re carrying inside you to drop away? When will you let it stop stinging you? When will you stop letting it wake you up in the middle of the night?

You know the stuff I’m talking about. Old hurts. The ‘he said this’ or ‘she said that’ Some of these people have been out of your life for years; some have  probably even transitioned to the other side. But yet a chance remark made years ago still cuts you to the core. Why?

What is it doing for you? Is it helping you in some way? Is it making you feel better? Probably not.

Look, no matter who they are and even if they love us, people can say and do stupid things sometimes. You just have to let it go, see it for what it is, a useless remark, and move on. Don’t let it grab you and strangle you over and over again.

You deserve better than that.

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