How Do You Treat People?

990108468_012How do you treat people? I mean, how do you treat the people you meet in everyday life? Are you easygoing and compassionate, or do you take every little “slight” and blow it up to the proportion of World War III?

For example, you’re on the ‘ten items or less’ line and the person in front of you has eleven items. Do you make a big deal of it, tapping them on the shoulder and pointing to the sign, expecting them to bow to you and then hastily remove their items from the counter in case that one extra item they have causes you to get out of the store two seconds later than if they had only ten?

I saw that happen just the other day at the supermarket. An older lady was in the express line and she had a few items over the limit. A younger man behind screamed at her and asked if she was so old that she couldn’t read the sign. The lady burst into tears; her husband had just passed away and she wasn’t thinking clearly. The young man felt about two inches tall at that point; he was so embarrassed that he left his groceries in the cart and walked briskly out of the store with his head down. The store manager came over and gave the older lady her groceries free and then escorted her to her car.

There is no reason to treat people this way. Treat others as you’d like to be treated. If you were upset would you like the person behind you in line to start yelling at you because you accidentally put an extra item up on a check out counter?

Remember the way you act towards others comes right back to you. So what do you want coming your way?


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