Are You Just Hum Drum?

101_0068Are you just hum drum…do you just kind of ‘waft’ along, never really building any excitement or enthusiasm for anything that happens in your life, even if other people are excited for you?

Do you find that friends are complimenting you with things like ‘congratulations on your promotion’ or ‘use that new car in good health’ and your response goes something like ‘oh, well, no big deal, they would promote a mosquito’ or ‘oh yeah, I guess my new car is okay, but it’s not like it’s a Rolls Royce or anything.’

If you find you’re lacking enthusiasm, if you find you’re not grateful, then soon there will be nothing to be grateful for. The Universe will say something like ‘well, this one’s never grateful for anything I send so I guess I’m wasting my time. I’ll send the good stuff to somebody else who really appreciates it.’

Don’t let the well of abundance dry up. Keep it going and one of the best ways is to be grateful and get excited about something!

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