So What Are You Saying Exactly?

DSC01638_0049So what are you saying exactly…when you start to talk? Do you stop to listen to your own voice? Do you stop to think about the impact that what you say has on your life?

You’re sitting next to Sally on the bus and she sneezes. After saying “God bless you,” you say something like “Oh Sally! I hope you’re not sick because I get sick sooooo easily! Yup, whatever somebody has I just seem to catch it.”

Well, Sally is not sick, she just sneezed. By the next day though, you’re coughing and sneezing and well….just miserable. You stay home from work, lying in bed and saying to yourself “I knew it! I shouldn’t have ridden home with Sally! She gave me these germs! She’s probably infected the whole office by now!”

But Sally is at work, smiling as she goes through her day. And it’s pretty much the same for the other people in your office as well…they’re all healthy.

But you’re going to go on getting sick because well, you don’t talk about health. You don’t smile and say “I am glad I’m healthy and feel good. I take care of my health and I am grateful for it.” Instead you’re constantly glancing around to see if any of your co-workers are starting to exhibit symptoms of bubonic plague. If someone clears their throat you’re right there with your can of Lysol; in fact, you practically gave Jim a bath in it last week because he cleared his throat…twice.

Let’s face it, I think we all pretty much know by now that we’re gonna get what we focus on. Focus on health and you’ll get health; you’ll feel good

But if you keep your eyes and ears peeled for those little coughs and sneezes in this world, well then, I recommend you buy stock in Lysol; you’ll need it.


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