Are You Getting a “Kick” Out Of It?

101_0141Are you getting a kick out of it…life? Are you stopping to smell the roses and really appreciating all life has to offer?

Or is life getting you down? (Hey, that sounds like a commercial)

Seriously, IS life getting you down? Do you find yourself unimpressed by the very things that would make other people jump for joy? You got a raise at work? Great! Everyone is happy for you…except you.

“It should have been a lot more” is your response. And then, your face drops into a frown.

Your husband brings you flowers. Instead of smiling and thanking him and putting them right where you (and everyone) can see them you just say…

“You know I really prefer roses,” as you begrudgingly put the flowers in a vase and shove them into a spare bedroom…and then shut the door.

How many of us would be grateful just to know someone we love is thinking of us and was thoughtful enough to bring us some pretty flowers? I have my hand raised!

Good things DO happen to you. But you need to focus on them and be grateful for them. And from that gratitude will come a zest for living.


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