Ya Gotta Keep Going (or you really won’t get there)

35920007Ya gotta keep going…or else you really won’t get there.

Look, we all mess up. We all do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing and act in ways that we sometimes question ourselves. We all sometimes go in the wrong direction, and then, when we get there,well we wonder how the heck that happened! We all make mistakes.

It’s what happens AFTER we make the mistake that either sets us straight or just keeps us chasing our tails.

If we choose to wallow in our mistake, if we choose words like “why me, why me, why me?” and we just stand there scratching our heads then most likely we’ll just keep making that same old darned mistake. It will stick to us like adhesive tape.

But if we stand there and say something like “what can I learn from this? How can I turn this around so I can do better the next time?” Then that mistake will slid right off you like butter in the hot midday sun.

Look how many mistakes Edison made while inventing the light bulb. If he didn’t learn something from each mistake he made, and if he quit rather than hung in there, then you’d be reading this in the dark right now.

Think about it.


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