Let It Slide

35920042Let it slide…the little “barbs” of life; the little “hiccups” that occur along the way.

So somebody doesn’t like your new handbag…so what? Or perhaps you overheard part of a conversation at work that goes something like this “Oh, I can’t believe she’s going out tonight with Mike? He’s not for her; they won’t get along. Can’t she see that?”

Hey, you like Mike (hey, that rhymes) and you’d like to go out with him. And that’s all that matters. Maybe you’ll get along and maybe you won’t…but don’t let an overheard conversation stop you.

Look, people are people and sometimes,well,sometimes they don’t say the nicest things, whether they mean to or not. If you spend your life analyzing every little action or word spoken by somebody else, you’ll drive yourself nuts.

Live your life the way you want to. And march to your own drum.

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