Keep It

35920118Keep it… your focus.

As your day unfolds keep your eye on your prize. Focus on your goal and with that end result in mind be mindful of the cues you get from the Universe and follow them. When you are concentrating on your goal there are often little thoughts that pop into your head as to what your next action should be and taking those cues is called “inspired action.”

Listen to those cues. Let them guide you. But remember, let that focus prevail. A mind that is scattered all over the place will never choose the road that is right for it.

Look Around

990108468_038Look around…at your world, at what’s happening in it.

If something’s not going as you thought it might; as you were hoping it might, then stop and think for a moment…maybe the Universe is trying to tell you something. Maybe it’s a sign an “indicator” that you might want to change directions; perhaps there’s something better waiting to come your way.

And sometimes it’s not a big sign. But it gets your attention and you stop and think to yourself “hey, wait a minute; this isn’t turning out the way I thought it would. It just doesn’t feel right to me anymore. Something’s off.”

Don’t dismiss this feeling but instead “sit” with it and see what comes. It just may be a sign to set your sail to a different wind.