Are You Looking?

990205258_004Are you looking…and noticing the signs around you? Or do you think the Universe doesn’t hear you?

Your sign could be as subtle as a song on the radio or an overheard conversation. Or it could be more direct.

A few months ago, my friend had been laid off and looking for a job. She was frustrated. Everywhere she went they were just not hiring. As we sat together enjoying a cup of coffee she said to me “do you think I should try an employment agency?” I told her it couldn’t hurt but then she said “if that’s the right way to go I’ll see a sign.” Now that sounded really good to me.

For the next few days everywhere she went she saw a sign for “xyz employment services” On a park bench. On the side of a bus. As she sat at the beach she heard the sound of a small plane overhead and it was pulling a banner that said “:Looking for work? We can help you!” And it was from that same employment agency. She had her sign.

Oh, and a new job too; they helped her get exactly what she was looking for.

Yup, sometimes those signs can be subtle but then again…

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