Are You Talking About It?

35920024Are you talking about it…the stuff you love, the stuff that makes you happy and smile? Do you share what makes you happy with others as well? Do you take the time to really dwell on the great feelings just thinking about that stuff gives you; and it really does kind of give you a kind of “inner glow” that others seems to notice and are drawn to. When you’re in that kind of “happiness zone” you also seem to attract more happy occurrences towards you.

So…make talking about and thinking about the things you love a regular part of your day!

How Long Will You Hold On?

DSC01667_0034How long will you hold on…to the bad feelings you may have about another? How many seconds, minutes, weeks, months, years (you get the point) will you hang on and remember how bad that person was or how rotten the situation was- even if it has absolutely no bearing on your life as you know it today?

And you know what I’m talking about- if you haven’t experienced it you’ve seen it…your aunt complaining about what her best friend did to her twenty years ago…and her friend has been dead for the last ten. But she still carries on, and in your voice you can hear the hurt and how badly it makes her feel…but she keeps on anyway. And this is just an example- it could also be you carrying on about what someone might have said or done;just hurting yourself, really.

Stop and think…is this really getting you anywhere? You know, if someone hurt you through their words or deeds and you can still discuss it with them calmly…then do so. Talk it out. Resolve it and move on. But if that is not possible then let it go. Free yourself from all that unnecessary pain because you don’t deserve it. You deserve to feel good about yourself and the world around you.