What’s Your Story?

DSC01667_0034What’s your story? Okay, what I mean is- what story do you tell yourself? Do you tell yourself a story of how you’re not good enough or that you can’t do anything right or that everybody else on this planet is somehow better than you?

That’s a crummy story. It’s also a lie. You’re telling yourself lies.

If you’re telling yourself the story of how you are equal to any challenge that comes your way and that there are plenty of things you do right and that you are just as good as anybody else then I like your story. It’s a good one so keep it. It’s also the truth.

What’s your story now?

Sometimes Ya Gotta…

35920118Sometimes ya just gotta- make that climb and put one foot in front of the other. Sure, as you ascend you may not know what awaits you but you go anyway knowing you will be led closer and closer to your goals. Just keep going.

If you don’t make that climb you’ll stay where you are. If you like where you are then that’s wonderful. But if you don’t or if you feel a calling to go in a different direction then put your shoes on and start climbing. Your future awaits you at the top of the stairs.Get moving.

Just For You!

990204522_021It’s a new day and a new week and it’s just for you! Grab it. Make the most of it. Push your fear and uncertainty aside and accept the Universe’s gift of a brand new slate on which to carve your dreams. Even if you’ve faltered a thousand times another opportunity to SUCCEED has come your way so don’t push it aside.

Happy Sunday!

990105679_002Have a happy Sunday because you deserve it. Do something you enjoy doing. Make some time for yourself and remember to offer your smile to everyone you meet- it will make both your days better!

Do You?

DSC01637_0050Do you do this- sabotage yourself? Let me give you an example. You want to go on vacation. You pick up brochures, you read about different places to go and you pick one- yes, this is it- the place you’ve dreamed of. You save your money. You put down a deposit. You talk about it with everybody you know. You are just sooooooooooo excited you could burst!

Now comes the deadline for the final payment. And what do you do? You come up with a hundred reasons why you can’t go now. In fact, you even lose your deposit. You put the brochures away and stop reading about it online. You stop talking about it and now people are asking you “Hey, aren’t you supposed to take that trip to?” (you fill in the blank)

You go back to work and now your hear Gina talk about a trip she’s planning and you think “If only I could go there.”

Does this sound like you? Sometimes we do these things because we don’t value our own happiness; we don’t think we deserve to be happy. As a result, we do things that sabotage our happiness. And then we sit, lamenting our fate. But we are miserable by own own hands.

Next time this happens push past that feeling to just let what you want go. Whether it’s a vacation or a cooking class or whatever it is that pleases you. You deserve it and you deserve to feel good.

Your Thoughts Shape Your World

990205258_022Your thoughts shape your world. They determine what direction you go in. They can influence the thoughts and feelings of those around you. They have real power. But do you even notice them? Do you stop and think during those times when your mood goes south to focus on what you’re thinking and feeling and then re-focusing them- to a more positive way? Do you then notice the difference and keep yourself in that same train of thought- or do you just let your mood completely deteriorate and then just stand there watching your day fall apart.?

You know what I’m talking about. You meet people all the time who just light up a room when they walk in and then others start to feel better just to be in their presence. And then you have those that just seem to suck the life out of the room and everyone’s mood turns dark.

Notice your thoughts. Notice your feelings.

Think About It!

DSC01702_0012Think about it- if you’ve been holding a grudge against someone. Think about it- is it worth denying the pleasure of enjoying somebody’s company because of something that probably happened years ago?

Let me give you an example. I was talking with one of my neighbors the other day about family and she told me “I hadn’t spoken to my sister Jenny in ten years. We had an argument over a car I bought. She told me she didn’t like white cars because they show the dirt more and I should have selected a darker color. It was silly, really, but somehow from that day on we didn’t speak again. I thought about calling her but as the years went by I just didn’t know what to say to her. Then I got the call. Jenny passed away suddenly from a massive coronary. I cried for days. She was my sister and I loved her. I should have reached out to her but I didn’t and now I can’t. And I don’t even have that silly car anymore.” She pointed to the car in her driveway. It was dark blue.

“Jenny would have liked that car. Blue was her favorite. That’s why I bought it. I planned to drive it over to her house to show her. Instead, I drove it to her funeral.”

Don’t let this happen to you. Let the grudge go. Time on this earth is promised to no one. You may never have the chance to talk again.

It Really Helps…

990108468_038It really helps…quiet time. Time for meditation, whatever you consider that to be. Just some time for yourself to reflect. It helps to recharge your batteries both mentally and physically and it is NOT  a waste of time, but it is an investment in your own well being.

Make some time for yourself TODAY. Sit quietly somewhere you like, or listen to some soft music or play with a pet. You know what pleases you; you just need to spend some time actually doing it. Tr it and see the difference that it can make.

If You Just Stand There…

35920003If you just stand there you won’t go anywhere. You’ll never take that next step. Nope, you’ll just stand there, legs getting tired and feeling bored. It’s kind of crummy standing there actually. Nothing happens. It might be safe standing there, not taking any chances, but life is really just passing you by. The others are on a highway to what thy want. Sure, sometimes its scary to get moving and get on that road, but at least you’re going somewhere.

You were not born to stand still. You were born to move and experience this life to the fullest. Think about it.

Write It Down

DSC01718_0001Write it down…your list of goals. Write them down in detail and review them often. Every day in fact. Keep track of where you are with them; what steps you have taken and the steps you need to take. It’s also a good idea to review each goal to be sure they still are in keeping with what you want. You might want to make a change. But when things are written down it is so much easier to keep track of them and seeing them in print makes them so much more concrete so consider writing today, it’s a good investment in yourself and in your future:)