It Conspires To Make It Happen (the Universe)

990105679_004It always works for you…the Universe. Let me tell you a (true) little story that happened to me today.

I am a cat person. I have eight indoor only cats and I feed strays. The strays are feral; they come for the food but run if I get too close even though I have been feeding some of them for years.

Over the last few weeks there has been a new cat hanging around so of course I tried to make friends but he would run away, loudly meowing. But each day he got closer and closer until I was able to scratch his chin. But then he took off again.

The next day I heard him meowing in my neighbor’s hedge so I sat down next to it. The cat came out and sat in my lap. Purring, he fell asleep.

I decided that this cat needed to be inside with us. So I called the vet to make an appt and kept my fingers crossed as it is difficult to get in the same day. But the exact appt. I wanted was open. The next problem I faced was that the cat wasn’t around all day; sometimes he would wander around. When I went outside he came running right to me and I had no problem getting him into the car. He sat on my lap the whole way.

As the vet examined him, she confirmed that he was a neutered male and then they scanned him for a chip. And there was one. They were able to contact the owner immediately and within twenty minutes the grateful owner and his cat were reunited. The cat had been missing for almost two months having run out the door when someone opened it.

Although many people told me just to keep feeding this cat and let him be an “outdoor” kitty a little voice inside me kept telling me to take him to the vet. If I hadn’t listened, little Cashmere (that’s his name) would still be outside and away from his owner of ten years.

The Universe made everything line up today and Cashmere is home with his very happy daddy.


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