Watch It!

990210627_011Watch what you say when speaking to another. Watch your words.

Just recently I was speaking to a friend of mine and we were talking about a mutual acquaintance who was just getting started as a photographer. He was really happy about it; it had been his passion for years and finally he started making his dream a reality. My friend said she was talking to him about it the other day and told him the whole idea was crazy. She told him “why would you want to go around taking silly pictures at your age?”

Needless to say he was crushed.

There was no reason to say anything like that. If you don’t agree with something someone else is doing then be silent. Wish them well and them change the subject if you feel you’re about to say something less-than-kind.

Put yourself in their place. Would you like to be told that something you had a passion for was “silly?” I don’t think so.


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