Try It! (A little kindness)

DSC01685_0025Try it…a little kindness. Try it…a softer approach in the way you go about your day. Try a little more patience.

This morning I was in the local convenience store and the line was pretty long. The woman behind the counter was doing her best to move along as quickly as she could; she was the only one working the register. There was one lady who kept yelling out “hey, hurry up, I don’t have all day ya know!” And then she kept on, telling all the people around her that she just didn’t have time for somebody so “inept.”

Finally one lady from the back of the line walked up to her and said “The cashier’s name is Lorraine, and this is her first day back to work since her son passed away two weeks ago. He was sixteen and he had cancer. I’m sure she’s doing the best she can right now, so please be a little kinder, will you?”

Good advice. Before you say or do something that can hurt another stop first and decide to be a little nicer.


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