What Do You Really Want?

990105679_004What do you really want? Do you really know? Do you feel it in your heart and when you think of it you smile and feel it?

Or are you still searching based on what other people say and do? Donna goes on vacation and you think “Oh yeah, that’s where I want to go,” and then Don says he’s going someplace else and you think “Oh yeah- that’s really where I want to go!” They both go away and you’re still standing there trying to make up your mind. You end up staying home.

Or John moves to a new house. Now you think “Yeah that sounds good, I want to get a house there too” But only a few months ago you decided that a condo would better suit your needs.

Changing your opinion on what you want because other people decide to do something is not always in your best interest and frankly can drive you nuts. What’s good for one person may not ultimately be the best thing for you, so give careful consideration to what you really want as you go along in life.


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