Write It Down

DSC01717_0002Write it down…what you want. Write it down in detail. Then break down the steps you will take to get there. Break them down by days- one task per day and then you can cross it off your list.

It’s a way to stay organized, focused, and motivated. if you just sit there thinking random thoughts and then the next day you forget what they were then it’s going to take you a lot longer to get to your destination- it’s like setting out on a trip without a map and you very often end up going in circles. Get yourself a notebook that appeals to you; one you’d like to write in. Get yourself some brightly colored pens to use. Or, if you prefer using your computer, tablet, or phone then do that instead. You know what works for you and what you gravitate towards.

But putting your thoughts down someplace where you can read them and review them will make all the difference.


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