Stop It

990210627_010Stop it before it starts…a bad mood. You know how it goes. Somebody cuts in front of you on the road so you lay on the horn. That car takes off; you’re shaking you’re so mad, so now you stop for coffee at your local convenience store. They’re out of your favorite kind so the lady behind the counter offers to make some more- it will take about five minutes. So you yell at her for being out of the coffee and storm out without it. The lady behind the counter gets mad but she can’t yell at a customer so instead she yells at her new trainee for not keeping an eye out for empty coffee urns and making more when he sees they are empty. The new trainee gets mad but can’t say anything to his new boss so he goes into the restroom and kicks the door- and breaks his foot in the process.

I could go on and on but I think you get the point. All this started from a car that cut in front of you. You could have chosen to shrug it off and go about your day. But you didn’t, did you? Nope you chose to get angry- and it filtered all the way down to a broken foot. A bad mood affects everyone’s day- think of the effect a good mood would have had!


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