Green’s A Pretty Color But Not On Your Face…

DSC01667_0034Green’s a pretty color but not on your face. It’s a great color in nature, and for a sweater, or a car. But not on your face (unless it’s eye shadow; some shades look really nice) But not on your face.

When you are envious of another, green is on your face. All over it. And it looks bad and you know what? It feels bad too. It does not come from a place of confidence. It does not come from a place of gratitude.

You know, there really is enough to go around for everybody. Be happy for others and not envious. It feels better and it opens up that channel of giving from our friend the Universe.

Keep green off your face. Unless it’s St. Patrick’s Day or Mardi Gras. But only those two days and no others. okay? Good.