It’s A New One!

990204522_021It’s a new one…a new week. A new chance to shine; and full of new opportunities to put your best foot forward.

That is, of course, if you choose to see it that way. If you choose to see each new day as a chance to learn something new. If you open your mind and heart to it. Then each new day is a gift.

But, on the other hand, if you choose to complain about Monday, if you drag your feet and snicker then your week will probably just be a repeat of the week before.

But you choose how it goes. Choose wisely.

Start Now

8d6fd6c2-d53d-4db9-bdf8-8cbe806dc354_0034Start now…appreciating what you have. And stop thinking so much about what other people have. When you really sit down and think about it- do you really want what they have? Do you want their job really- or do you just think the grass is greener somewhere else? Do you really want their life? How do you even know how they feel about it? We can’t really dig into the heart an soul of another to experience how they really feel- what we see most times is just the surface.

If you want to see green grass- look right under your own feet first- that is where you true happiness just might be hiding.

Enjoy it!

35920064Enjoy it…your day. Do at least one nice thing for yourself. It doesn’t have to be all that- even something small to remind yourself that you matter and the things you enjoy doing matter. They are not silly, or a waste of time. They’re not.

Look, how many times have you supported others- been there for them, run errands, maybe lent a sympathetic ear. Why not treat yourself the same way you’d treat a good friend?

Please do it. You matter. You really do.

How Do You Sound?

101_0125How do you sound…when you speak to others? How do you sound?

Are your words kind? Do you offer a smile and sincere sentiments? If asked for your opinion do you give it with concern for the feelings of others?

Or do you just blurt out whatever you feel like saying regardless of the effect it may have on another? Do your words tear them down?

Think about how you would feel to be spoken badly to. Would you like it? or would you more likely avoid that person (if you could) in the future?

Don’t be the person that others go out of their way to avoid.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWhen will you take that step? That next step in the attainment of your goal. You know what I’m talking about- that thing you want so much. That job, or that new place to live, or that relationship, or whatever it is. It’s the thing that wakes you up in the middle of the night saying “hey, I’m here”

It’s that thing that you keep pushing to a back burner. it calls you but you answer it with “I’ll do it when ___” But somehow that day never comes.

Tired of waiting for you, your goal moves on to someone else who will appreciate it enough to help bring it into reality.

Don’t let you goal move on.

Put It In Front Of You

DSC01717_0002Put it in front of you…your goals, your dreams, your desire-write them down. Take your time as you write them- as you make the loops and dot the “i’s” imagine your goals becoming a reality. Dwell on the letters you write. Use brightly colored pens. Get one of those big notebooks with a design and a color you like and write them down in there so it’s fun and it makes you smile when you glance over at your notebook.

Now set a time each week when you review those goals and revise them to keep you on your path. Cut out pictures of the things you want and glue them in there. Make it fun. Make it exciting. Make it a place you want to go to.Put it in a place where you see it first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

Try it-it works.

If You Ask…

DSC01699_0015If you ask the Universe to guide you towards the things you want in your life then trust it. As things unfold they may seem a little “off track” but in the end will take you where you want to go.

Don’t sit there and say something like “Oh heck no- this isn’t the way things are supposed to go” because how do you know that? Maybe the thing you’re dreading is just the thing that clears your path.

Before you try to switch gears see what direction you’re going in first.

Happy Memorial Day!

990204522_021Happy Memorial Day to all who celebrate it and let us always remember those who fought to keep us free whether 80 years ago or those who serve today. Enjoy your day and count your blessings. In fact, you don’t need a holiday to do that-count your blessings each and every day.

Don’t Be A Greenie

DSC01667_0034Green- it’s a lovely color in nature but it doesn’t belong on your face.

When you feel the “green-eyed monster”  creeping up to you then brush him off. Tell him to beat it and instead focus on all you have to be grateful for. Keep your attention there until your little green friend goes of in search of another face to paint tat ugly shade of green.

Think About It…

990205258_004Think about it…why do we undervalue what we do? And you all know what I’m talking about.

You spend the weekend planting a beautiful garden. You spend hours researching the kind of plants and flowers that will look great and are perfect for the soil you have and the climate. You painstakingly plant each one in it’s place. It’s a labor of love. And then-

Your neighbor stops by and remarks how lovely it all looks and what do you say? “Oh I just picked up a couple plants at the garden store and put them in.”

You just totally discounted all your hard work. You just totally discounted your passion.

Accept your gifts and celebrate them. Celebrate what you do well. And when somebody compliments you say “Thank you.” And then smile.