Learn From Them

35920025Mistakes – they’re nothing to dread. or be embarrassed about. They’re a lesson to be learned- in how to do things differently the next time- better.

Once they’re made, see where you could have done things differently and then thank the Universe for pointing you in the right direction. Make a note of it and then let it go. Say bye- bye to it. Don;t let it stay in your head taking up space in there because it doesn’t belong there anymore. So scoot it out. Fill your thoughts with positive ways to make things better.

Mistakes serve a valuable purpose- they show you how not to do things. But past that- they just need to go.


One thought on “Learn From Them

  1. I often tell myself how stupid and ugly I am, what a piece if shit I am and how much I hate myself…sometimes I hit myself…,,I had a nasty, demeaning Catholic mother whom constantly compared me to others and asked “why aren’t you like her, you are such a slob, such a slut….then as I was improving my self esteem, I was married to a man who told me that I was 8th on his list of importance..,we divorced and he screwed me out of everything telling me that I didn’t deserve anything and how I ruined his life and that if I really loved him and wanted him back that I relinquish everything to him..,,,please advise me on how to heal.

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