DSC01702_0012Stop…and notice the beauty around you. A sunset. A flower. A child’s laughter. A good cup of coffee, even.

So often, we are in a hurry…all the time. Even when there’s nothing pressing we’re in a hurry because we’re so used to running around we forget how to slow down.

When I was in the grocery store this afternoon I saw a woman who appeared to be in a great hurry. She only had a few items in her hand and so I told her to go ahead of me. The cashier noticed how distraught she seemed and asked her “Mary, are you okay? You seem to be in quite a hurry, is everything okay at home?”

The woman, stopped and smiled. “You know what? My husband is out golfing and won’t be home for hours yet. I’m actually in no hurry at all.” Turning to me she apologized for getting in front of me, I told her it was fine. “I’m so used to hurrying to get home to cook dinner for my husband when he got home from work. He’s only been retired a few weeks but I forget somehow and think that I want to get home to cook a good meal for him because he works so hard. And he’s out there now, playing golf with the guys. I think I’ll just go home and relax on my patio.”

So, let me ask you- do you need to be in a hurry all the time?


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