Happy Saturday!

990205258_034Enjoy your Saturday! Do something nice for yourself today. Or, even better, do something nice for somebody else.

Go watch a sunrise (or sunset). Go to a park with the kids. Get outside if you can and just take it all in. It’s relaxing. It’s fun. It will make you smile.

If you want to mop the kitchen floor I can pretty much guarantee the floor will still be there when you get home. It won’;t get up and run away if you don’t get to it first thing. But you may miss that spectacular sunset. You may miss those beautiful flowers. You may miss that “ahah!” moment that the kitchen floor will never give you.

Think about it.

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Surround Yourself With Them

35920037Surround yourself with them…positive people, when you can.

Okay, I can already hear what you’re saying “I can’t pick my family, Debbie,” and you’re right- you can’t. But you can pick your friends.

Now I’m not telling you to abandon your friend in need- we all have times when we just need to “talk it out” and we should be that sympathetic ear. But when all you get is a sea of negativity all the time and it’s starting to affect you- then perhaps you might to cultivate more friendships that are mutually rewarding.

Don’t abandon your friends but instead widen your circle-the more positivity you can expose yourself to the better you will feel and the better able you will be to help your less positive friends find solutions that can help them; after all, everyone wants to be around happy, smiling and positive people because it rubs off. Then everyone feels better.

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Your Life As A Story

990205258_011Do you think of it that way- your life as a story unfolding? In the book “A Daybook of Positive Thinking” Douglas Pagels tells us that we’ll have a more pleasant journey through life if we think of it as a story unfolding as we go along with new adventures and the cast of characters in it ever changing.

And it does make sense, doesn’t it- our life is a story and it should be an adventure story at that. We should approach each day with anticipation of the wonders to unfold. Where will our story lead us – sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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Are You Happy?

990204104_012Are you happy? Do you make it a point to be happy about simple things- a sunny day, a smile of a child, the beauty of a flower, for example?

Or are you only happy when something ore monumental comes along- like a new car or a big raise at work?

Of course you should be happy about those bigger things, but let’s face it, those things don’t come about everyday, so if you’re waiting on those types of things to make you happy then you may be waiting for a very long time.

But if we can be happy about simple things, every day things that we sometimes (okay often) take for granted because we just don’t think they’re that important to be excited about, then we will be happier more often- and that positive mood will drawn in even more for us to be happy about.

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Are You Making Room?

990108468_012Are you making room in your life for the things that really matter to you? Like your family and friends? People who are important to you and really matter? Or do you get so caught up in other things, like worrying about the fact that you overheard John at work tell Ted that he thought you tie was stupid? Or spending hours cleaning the house when it’s a lovely day outside and you know your elderly mother would love a ride into the countryside?

Were you too busy standing on a line outside a big box store for ten hours to get a TV fifty dollars cheaper instead of visiting your brother who flew in from Europe- the on you haven’t seen in five years?

Were you too upset that your homemade pie didn’t turn out so great that you called your cousin and told her you were too sick to make Thanksgiving dinner? They wouldn’t have cared what you brought over- they just wanted to see you.

Think about what takes precedence in your life. Somethings are important most certainly, and we must attend to these things but others-are they occupying a place in the front of your mind when perhaps they should be shoved a little to the back of the shelf? Those we love and care about will not be around forever. So be sure they have room in your life and your heart.

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Hang In There


Hang in there! Sure, sometimes the road to our goal is not all smooth sailing- there often are many bumps and detours along the way. There are times when we stop to ask ourselves “Is this really worth it?” and then we just kind of stand there, scratching our heads and thinking that, well, maybe it’s time to stop and consider going in a different direction altogether.

But what if what you want is just around that next bend? What happens if you turn around now? Then you’ll never know, will you? You could spend the rest of your life always wondering about “what might have been” if you just hung in there a little longer…

Don’t give up.

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Do You Believe It?


Do you believe it- that each day brings you a fresh start? Do you believe that you have a chance to try again, or do you believe that whatever happened yesterday is now permanently carved into your existence and if it was something that you’re less than pleased with that you’re stuck with it no matter what? That you have no chance or no way at all to change it up and you just have to give up?

Tomorrow when you get up take a look towards the east at that sun slowly rising in the sky to signal the coming of the new day. It’s a message from the Universe. What do you think its trying to tell you- that you’re stuck with yesterday- or is it offering you a brand new chance at a fresh start?

You decide.

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You Are Creating…


You are creating your own future…with every thought and action, each moment of every day.

But so many times we forget that, thinking instead that our lot in life is thrust upon us by some outside circumstance that we had nothing to do with.

If you think about those situations that caused you stress what were your thoughts or feelings? I’ll bet they were anything but harmonious. And out of that chaos came what you wanted the least.

Check your thoughts when you can. Get into the habit of asking yourself “how does this serve me?” when a thought crosses your mind. Okay, you can’t do it with every single thought you ever have, but when you get into the habit of doing that, the quality of your thoughts improve and so will your situations as they arise.

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Do You Delegate?


Do you delegate? Do you ask for help to get things done from people who can and probably should be helping you- or do you just try to do it all yourself and then get mad at yourself when you fall short?

Last week you struggled with a load of laundry and almost tripped down the basement stairs while your husband nodded at you in between cheering for his favorite sports team on TV.

Two weeks ago you stayed up late four nights in a row to finish the report you were supposed to be doing with a co-worker, but, hey, she has a new man in her life so she had no time to do the work she was supposed to be doing.

And then you were tired and angry. But still you said nothing.

Your husband could have helped you with that load of laundry after all, some of those clothes you’re washing belongs to him.

Your co-worker got paid overtime to help you with that report but she didn’t earn a penny of it because you did her share.

Next time ask for the help you deserve. You don’t have to scream and yell and jump up and down  but firmly ask and expect a result.

Delegate- it’s a really good thing for you to learn to do.

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Be True…To You

DSC01699_0015Be true- to you.

It’s a wonderful thing to be kind and supportive of the people around you. It’s great to be there to lend a helping hand or a sympathetic ear. It makes them feel good; it makes you feel good and, most of the time it’s a real win-win situation.

But sometimes things can get out of hand.Like when your twenty one year old son doesn’t want to think about either going back to school or getting a job because he knows he can count on you to make his car payment. It was a nice thing to help him get a car (which he supposed to be using to look for work) but you’ve been paying the loan for a year now and he’s still unemployed. It was a great surprise for your wife when you bought her a bouquet of her favorite flowers just because you love her; but it’s not so endearing now that she expects you to bring her something everyday and gets into a bad mood when you don’t.

These are just examples, but I think you get the point I’m trying to make here and that is that sometimes you just have to say “no.” Or “no more.” Or “you need to get it yourself.”

Respect yourself. Even for the kindest person, if there comes a time when what you’ve done is not appreciated, then you have every right to revisit the situation and let the other person know it’s time to change. There is no shame in that. It will make it better for the both of you as time goes on.

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