You Can’t Please Everyone…

990204522_067You can’t please everybody- so why keep trying?

So many people spend their time trying to “morph” into someone else. Mom wants you to go to law school and Dad wants you to be an accountant. Your best friend tells you that you need to stop dating this guy and date this other one instead because he’s just so much better for you(never mind that you can’t stand him) Your wife tells you that you need to buy that blue car right over there (even though you hate the color blue and besides, she already has her very own blue car)

These are just examples but you get the drift. You can’t live the life somebody else wants you to live, and you can’t do things just because somebody else thinks it’s a good idea (even those close to you)

If what someone is saying makes sense to you then consider it. But if not, rearranging your life to make someone else happy just might not be a good idea.


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