Are You Making Room?

990108468_012Are you making room in your life for the things that really matter to you? Like your family and friends? People who are important to you and really matter? Or do you get so caught up in other things, like worrying about the fact that you overheard John at work tell Ted that he thought you tie was stupid? Or spending hours cleaning the house when it’s a lovely day outside and you know your elderly mother would love a ride into the countryside?

Were you too busy standing on a line outside a big box store for ten hours to get a TV fifty dollars cheaper instead of visiting your brother who flew in from Europe- the on you haven’t seen in five years?

Were you too upset that your homemade pie didn’t turn out so great that you called your cousin and told her you were too sick to make Thanksgiving dinner? They wouldn’t have cared what you brought over- they just wanted to see you.

Think about what takes precedence in your life. Somethings are important most certainly, and we must attend to these things but others-are they occupying a place in the front of your mind when perhaps they should be shoved a little to the back of the shelf? Those we love and care about will not be around forever. So be sure they have room in your life and your heart.

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