Are You Practicing It?

DSC01667_0034Are you practicing it…gratitude? Do you make it a point to give thanks for all the good in your life? Do you get up in the morning and as your feet hit the ground say “thank you” for being here- another day on this glorious earth? Or do you get up, throw the covers off and then utter and expletive and literally “curse” the day? You hate your boss, your house, your spouse- and the kids are driving you nuts and it’s only 7am!

Go talk to someone who has no job and is struggling to find one. Or talk to that homeless man living by the dumpsters about how you don’t like your house anymore. Or the elderly gentleman who just lost his wife of sixty years- they went everywhere together. Or the young mother who buried her child- pediatric cancer and only five years old.

After you do that, do you still want to curse the day and be angry with your boss or your spouse? Will you still be angry at your kids that they’re making so much noise?

I don’t think so- do you?

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Try It!

35920037Surround yourself with like minded people- people who support your goals and lift you up with their smiles and actions- like this guy here- just look at his warm smile.

When you say “I’d like to do this- it would mean a lot to me” well, you’d like to hear “Hey, that’s a great idea,”and not “Nah- that’s a dumb idea- I wouldn’t do it.” And then you feel your heart sink as well as your spirits.

Okay, the truth is that you may never get all of your friends and family to agree with you, but if almost everyone you associate with disagrees with everything you want to do then it may be time to bring new friends into your circle. Like minded friends who support your goals. Friends that you can feel comfortable with discussing your dreams with- and not people who think you’re wrong constantly.

Why not try a “meet up” group online? There are many groups out there with people just ready to say “Oh yeah you can.” You just need to reach out. See the difference having positive, like minded friends in your life can make.

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Yes, They Matter

35920035Yes they matter- the things that we do well, but somehow, many times, we tend to downplay what we do- and play up the accomplishments of others.

Now there’s nothing wrong with admiring a job well done by another. It’s great to give them a compliment and mean it.

But how often do we say something like “Oh, it’s no big deal,” when someone compliments us on a job well done? And then how often do we then walk away feeling bad about ourselves, while the person who just gave us the compliment walks away perplexed?

But what if, when that person said “Job well done” we said something like “thank you” and then smiled? Think about the way that would feel. That feels a heck of a lot better than just walking away- doesn’t it?

So why no try it next time- because you do things well- and it matters.

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990108468_034Learn- to trust your capabilities. Trust yourself. When you feel moved to do something then move forward. When you feel you can do something new, there’s a reason for that- it’s your inner voice telling you that you can. Go with it. Believe in it.Believe in yourself.

When you feel the fear of “second guessing” yourself start to surface then push it back. Remind yourself how far you’ve come- and you know what? You can take yourself the rest of the way too.

Just trust in the person you know the best…you.

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Yes You Certainly Are!

990205258_011You are on a journey that is uniquely yours- your life. And it is just that…yours. Enjoy it. See where it leads you. Put your heart and soul into it.

It is your journey and your road so stop worrying about the road that other people are on. Sure, you may glance over at that road and then say something like “Hey, look at the road Maria is on- that looks like a good path.” or you may say “Look at Mike’s road- hey I think I’d like to be on that one too!”

But would you really? When we look at a situation from the outside in, it often feels very differently than the way it actually is.When you really examine it, in detail, you just might find that it isn’t a good fit for you at all- but your original road- the path that was meant for you-is.

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Remember It’s Yours

35920022Remember that it’s yours- your life. They should be your choices and you should choose your own path. Sure, sometimes those close to you may not always agree at first but as time goes on, when they see how happy you are then they’ll be happy for you too.

When you feel strongly about something then you need to proceed the way you feel is best. Make the choices that feel right to you. You can listen to others but the choices you make still belong to you. Remember that.

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What’s Playing in Your Movie?

35920105What’s playing in the theater of your mind? What movie? Is it a movie you’re enjoying, one filled with happiness and promise? Does it make you smile and just want to sit back with a bag of popcorn and put your feet up? Wonderful, great movie then.

Or does it make you upset and fearful? Does it keep you at the edge of your seat and make you anxious and unsure? Bad choice for a movie, I’d say.

How about you mentally get up and go into the next theater where all the people are smiling and laughing because they are filled with confidence and expectation? I think you should make you way over there- and then make that your permanent movie- good job!

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It Can Be The Road You’re Searching For

990205258_011It could be the road you’re searching for- failure. Because, in failing you learn a new way of doing something. And that new way of being and doing can put you on a new road- the road to success.

Embrace failure and see it as the learning experience it is. It is not meant to be a punishment. it is not meant to make you feel so bad that you just crawl into a corner ready to give up. That’s not what failure is really for.

It is a chance to begin again. It is a chance to try again using a different method. it is your chance to shine. Take it.

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It’s Up To You

DSC01667_0034It’s all up to you. Do you think you can do something or don’t you?

Okay, so you have an idea, something you want to do. But how will it play out? Will you move forward with your idea with the thought firmly planted in your head that you can succeed, that you just need to keep going and the way will reveal itself. Well good for you because you’re halfway there already.

Or do you have this idea in your head and right away your next thought is that you’d just better forget about it because there’s just no way you can make it happen? Not so good here, you’ve kind of stalled out right at the starting gate and the ride will probably be a rough one.

Have a little faith in yourself. Believe you can and then take a step. Then another. Then another. Yeah, there could be little bumps in the road here and there but if you hang in there, keep taking those steps and believing in yourself well then…you’re almost home.

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In The Silence

990108468_034Sometimes we need a little bit of silence in our lives. Sometimes we just need to shut the hustle and bustle of the world out even for a short time to reconnect with our inner selves because it is in this time that we find the answers we seek.

Make some time in our day to just sit quietly and focus on- nothing. Just drift. let your mind drift and let it go where it wants to take you because it’s the direction you probably should be going in. It’s the one your inner voice is leading you to.

Why not make a little time today (and everyday) to listen to it?

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