How Do You View Them?

990210627_011How do you view them- the mistakes you make?

Do you beat yourself up about them, replaying them over and over in your head until you get to the point where you’re so angry with yourself for making them that you can’t seem to do anything right?

Or do you stop and think for a moment about what you did and how you can do things a little differently next time and then get on with the rest of your day knowing you’ve learned a new way to do things as  result of your mistake?

Beating yourself up won’t help you. It will just put you in a bad mood. it won’t help you do a better job next time either. So it’ a “no win” situation.

Seeing a mistake as a temporary stumbling block that can be overcome will make a difference though. It won’t put you in a bad mood or make you feel less confident. It will just show you a more efficient way to accomplish your task next time.

Which way of viewing a mistake do you feel would be more beneficial for you then?

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