Yes, You Are!

ab7909f7-319d-4e14-85f2-a242a858f7ff_0031Yes, you are- wonderful! Yeah, you are!

Many times we seem to downplay the things we’re good at while we overplay the things that other people do well.

“Oh, Susan did a beautiful job setting that table,” you might say. But then “Oh, that portrait i painted- the one they decided to show in the art exhibit? Anybody can do that!”

Really- anybody can paint a picture lovely enough to be in an art exhibit? I can’t- I can barely color inside the lines and draw a stick figure- but I have authored three books so far. And I can appreciate that skill and be grateful for it.

But everybody has things they excel at. You do. Think about them and then say to yourself “Yeah, I am good at (you fill in the blank)”

You can appreciate the talents of others but don’t downplay your own in the meantime.

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