What Does It Mean To You?

990108468_035Happiness- what does it mean to you?

I know that we see pictures all over the news and TV  that tell us that happiness is having plenty of money and material possessions. Having a truly glamorous lifestyle. But how many people that seem to “have it all” actually are very unhappy?

We know there are plenty of them. We hear that side of it too. Celebrities who become addicted to drugs, or divorced, or who just look thoroughly unhappy. And then we think “Yeah, but why should they be unhappy, they have it all. If I had all they had I’d be beaming ear-to-ear.”

But would you be, really? Think again. Now look around you. Look at what you already have in life. Your family, your friends, your pets. Would you give that all up, right now- no questions asked?

Chances are you wouldn’t. But how often we don’t take the time to count our blessings. Too many times, because we’re too busy watching what the other guy has.

But when it comes down to it, you may be much happier than that other guy.

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