Ya Just Gotta…

990108468_034Ya Just gotta- keep going. Yup, when you have identified your goals and have taken steps to achieve them, you still need to keep moving.

What’s the next thing you need to do? Who do you need to contact? Keep on top of this all of this and keep taking those steps. Keep making those decisions. Keep going. Adjust if you need to but don’t ever stand still.

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Think Of It As A Start

990205258_011Think of it as a starting point- where you are now; your present circumstances. Where you are now is not the end- it is merely the beginning of your journey.

If you believe you can get where you want to go from this starting point, then you will- the way will be shown to you

If you believe where you are now is the end of your journey then you won’t go anywhere and you’ll have a miserable while you’re just standing there as well so…

Believe that today is the start of a glorious journey that will take you where you want to go and then…enjoy the ride!

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Adjust A Little

3f1d385a-e90f-4d16-9321-d809fb5d2f6e_0025Adjust a little- of things are not going as planned. Don’t bang your head against the wall and say something like “why me?” That’s really not going to do anything for you.

Instead, take a look at the situation. What could you do a little differently? How can you adjust to make things go a little better.

Before getting upset, take a good look at what you’re getting upset about. Chances are you just need to make a little adjustment. Do that, and then see the difference it can make for you.

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Keep it There

334af351-cfa7-4852-9bce-330d7ad4104e_0010Keep it there- the past IN the past. Don’t let it creep up into your today. Don’t let it spoil your day by littering it with unpleasant memories that leave you sad and keep you stuck. Put up an imaginary gate around your day and let the day unfold as it should without the sting of the past invading it.

But, if there’s stuff in your past that made you smile, laugh, and filled you with joy then let that through. Open up your imaginary¬† gate to those memories, because they make you glad and propel you into¬† brighter day.

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It’s What You Think

52f6afb4-cab5-4dea-8dd9-0b1dd4ffc4a0_0011Its what you think that matters. What you want, how you feel, what direction you want to go in. The decision is yours. It does not belong to your Aunt Matilda or Uncle Frank. It doesn’t even belong to your best friend or your boss. It belongs to you; it’s what feels right to you; what resonates deep inside your heart.

Make that decision for yourself based on what your gut tells you. Don’t let those “gremlins” those negative thoughts that can make their way into your mind decide for you either- keep them out.

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It Just Takes One At A Time



You know it doesn’t take moving a mountain or some herculean feat of strength- progress-moving towards what you want to achieve in life. It just takes putting one step in front of the other and each step takes you farther up that staircase until you get where you’re going.

It takes a steady effort.Each day- some progress. One step, maybe two. But if you keep it up you’ll get there, but if you just stand t the bottom of that staircase looking up then, not so much

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You’re Doing It Right Now

990205258_004You’re doing it right now- you are creating your future; with your thoughts, feelings about those thoughts and the action you take because of them. You have set the wheels in motion- the train has left the station. But where that train goes is up to you.

Will it visit sunny skies; will it see smiling faces and know success? Only you know that, and knowing that your thoughts and feelings have real power what will you do with them?

You are the engineer of your life. You are steering that train. Remember that when you start to feel fearful or doubt yourself. What thought can you substitute to make you feel better? When you have it- hold onto it and steer that train towards a sunny sky.

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A Little Goes A Long Way

990105679_004A little goes a long way…discipline. Did you ever notice that when you finally pushed yourself into starting a task that you didn’t want to do (and kept putting off) that not only did you finish it more easily than you thought you would but then you also went on to complete more tasks and you felt renewed?

Now what would have happened if you didn’t muster up that discipline? Things would have been left undone and when you thought about it you probably would have felt badly about it.

But, since you did it- you feel great, so a little discipline goes a long way.

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Step Out

990205258_011Step out- and meet life on your own terms. Step out and greet it. Make friends with it. get to know it, because if you’re not meeting life on your own terms then you’re meeting it on someone else- playing by their rules. Now if you like those rules then that’s great- but if you don’t- isn’t it time you stepped out and made some of your own and grabbed life by the horns?

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It’s Really Not

990210627_010It’s really not- your friend that is- fear.

Oh you may think it’s keep you safe by saying things in your ear like “Oh, don’t do that,” or “You can’t do it- you won’t make it.” And you may believe it too, when it speaks to you- you’re safe.

But what fear is really doing is robbing you of the opportunity to try something new; to move forward and experience life more fully. No what fear is really doing to you is robbing you- of life experiences that could take you places you only dreamed of going.

Who wants a thief for a friend?

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