So What Do You Say?

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSo what do you say when you talk to yourself? Are you kind and supportive, treating yourself as you would your own best friend? Or do you rip yourself apart each time, causing you to just feel bad? And from there it’s just downhill?

Go stand in the mirror. Now pretend that you are looking into the face of someone you care about deeply. Pretend that person is having a hard time; maybe some struggles going on.

Now what would you tell that person? While you’re doing that think about the way you feel. Compassionate, huh? Am I right? Yes, I know I am you don’t have to tell me;)

Now look at the expression on your face. Isn’t is softer? You’re not screaming or making faces are you?

Now close your eyes. Don’t cheat- I said close them. That’s better. Now open them and see yourself in front of the mirror. Now say the same comforting things you just said when you pretended you were talking to somebody else. Say them to YOU.

Keep practicing this, until you can definitely notice- that you are being nicer to the one who matters most- YOU.

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