A Little Goes A Long Way

990105679_004A little goes a long way…discipline. Did you ever notice that when you finally pushed yourself into starting a task that you didn’t want to do (and kept putting off) that not only did you finish it more easily than you thought you would but then you also went on to complete more tasks and you felt renewed?

Now what would have happened if you didn’t muster up that discipline? Things would have been left undone and when you thought about it you probably would have felt badly about it.

But, since you did it- you feel great, so a little discipline goes a long way.

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2 thoughts on “A Little Goes A Long Way

  1. In a word: Yes! In more than one word, once started, you just can’t pull me away. Why? I’m pretty lazy, and I realize it. Many times, I’m proud of completing a task I was pretending didn’t exist in the first place.

    Pretending doesn’t help. The garage is still a mess. I’ve looked at it several times, and I hear it laughing at me.

    When I do hit it, I’ll finish, and it’ll be one less pretend thing to do in my life. And yes, from past experience not only will I be proud of myself but, I’ll know once again I’m not that lazy after all.

    What’s next?

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