If You Don’t Then Who Will?

35920022Believe in yourself- because if you don’t then who will? And even if you have the support of wonderful people around you if you don’t feel the way they do (that you can do it) then it really doesn’t make much difference, does it? That feeling that you CAN  has to come from inside you.

If you’re having trouble then think of something you do well. Got it? Okay, in your mind’s eye visualize yourself doing that task. You’re relaxed aren’t you because you do it well. It’s like second nature to you. Okay, now with that good feeling switch your thought to the task you’re having a problem with. Focusing on the good feeling you just had start visualizing the other task. If you start to get anxious then just go back to totally visualizing the thing you’re good at and then little by little substitute the new task. Try it, it works for me and it may very well work for you as well.

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