Look For Them

ab7909f7-319d-4e14-85f2-a242a858f7ff_0031Look for them…signs, because they’re all around you. Those “opportunities” you’re looking for may come to you several times a day, but do you stop to notice them? Or do you see something you think might be what you’re looking for but then stop and say something like “Nope, that can’t be it.”

Listen more. Opportunity can come from an overheard conversation at the grocery store. You could be standing in line and hear something like “Oh yeah, I work for XYZ corporation and my boss just told me we need to hire 30 more people.” You happen to need a job.

Maybe it could come from a sign by the side of the road. “House for rent” You’re new in town and looking for a place to live.

Maybe it could come from a song on the radio- your Mom’s favorite, and you haven’t called her in weeks- time to call her.

Look around you more. Listen more. It helps

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