Are You Really?

990205258_023Are you really- living life to its fullest? Or are you “sleepwalking” through life?

Stop- to notice all the beauty around you. Don;t be in such a hurry to get from Point A to Point B that the journey is a blur, and now that you’re at Point B you decide Point A is better so you high-tail it back there.

Stop- to be grateful for everything in your life. You know that old saying “You don’t really miss it until it’s gone”- it’s so true.

Slow it down- no it’s not a waste of time. Going at break neck speeds at doing anything doesn’t guarantee that it will be done right- more often than not it just leaves you with stuff that has to be done over and leaves you with a royal headache. Faster is not always better.

Take your time, look around, slow down and smile. it’s better that way!

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