Where’s Your Concentration?

990205258_023Where’s your concentration? What do you concentrate on? Do you celebrate all the good stuff with a smile, even little things like a hot cup of coffee or the beautiful song of a bird at dawn? Do you celebrate that you’re living and breathing and that you awoke to find a brand new day?

Or are you just focused on the traffic, or the fact that you stubbed your toe, or that gas prices went up two cents from last week? In other words- are you just dwelling on the negative so much so that it is now part of you? In fact, is that all you recognize?

Then things not going so well for you, are they? Thought not.

Try switching it up. Say a silent “thank you” for that cup of coffee. Do it for that sandwich you’re eating at lunch. Give a warm “hello” to your co-workers instead of snubbing them.

Just TRY it. Come on, you know you can do it. Just try it and see if it doesn’t make you feel better and make your day go more smoothly. it’s worth it and you’re worth it.

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