Happy New Year!!!

35920022Happy New Year 2016. I wish all of you a healthy, prosperous and most joyous year ever. Remember each day that you are worth it. What you want matters in this world and remember that you can do whatever you set out to do if you believe you can.

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It Just Takes A Little…


It just takes a little- a little at a time- to achieve a goal. We don’t wake up one day and have a goal materialized before us in completion simply by wishing for it. It comes by inspired action; knowing that things are accomplished a little at a time and believing that you will be guided to take the steps that are necessary.

It’s like learning to ride a bike. We don’t get on the bike for the first time already knowing how to ride it; instead we learn little by little. First the training wheels are put on and then, step by step we learn to ride unaided.

Achieving a goal is a lot like that- one inspired action at a time.

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Switch It Up


Switch it up- your thoughts. If you think thoughts of gloom and doom and “I can’t” then how will you ever get to where you want to go? You are littering your path eith mental “garbage” and blocking your way.

Think about it- what are you dwelling on as you move through your day. Do your thoughts make you happy or bring you peace? Do they motivate you to reach a little higher?

Or do they bring you down and make you sad?

You have control here- so today think about where you want to go. Think about how you’ll feel when you get there. You’ll feel great, right?

So start by generating a feeling of greatness right now.

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It’s Got To Belong To You

990205258_011It’s got to belong to you- your path; your journey. Sure you can look at a friend and say “Should I be doing that?” or “Look at Joe, maybe I should get into his field of work because he does so well.”

But, you know what? We can do that all day. We can look at this one and that one and then we can wonder if we “measure up.” Would our lives be better if we were more like someone else?

But the old saying “The grass is greener on the other side” is a very true one. Somethings do look better looking from the outside in, but if you keep looking t different people and then changing your mind you’ll never find your way.

Let your inner voice guide you and choose it as your ONLY  guide.

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Let It Go…

Let it go- yesterday. Let it slip beyond the horizon along with the setting sun. It’s gone,so don’t hang onto it anymore. Look instead to making the present and the future the best it can be. Each day is a new chance to do so if you’ll only take it, grab on tight, and let go of the past. You don’t need it anymore.

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Stay In The Game

Stay in the game. Hang in there if you want to achieve a goal.

Don’t quit because it may be difficult; no one said it would be easy. Don’t quit because your friend tells you your idea won’t work.

Don’t quit because deep down you know you can do it- you can get there- no matter what anybody else tells you.

Let them travel their path and you travel yours. Stay in the game.

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The Time Is Always Right…

990108468_051The time is always right- to begin. You don’t have to wait until Tuesday next, or your grandmother’s birthday. You don’t have to wait at all. In fact you probably shouldn’t wait.

The Universe dropped an idea in your head for you to act on. It didn’t put it there so you can think about it for the next five years. If you have an impulse that something is right then it usually is- and needs some action.

Take that action.

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