Where Are You Spending Your Time?

35920022Where are you spending your time? Are you lingering in the past, playing out old hurts over and over again in your mind so that it feels like pouring salt in an open wound? All that gets you is pain. All that does is make you sad.

The past is gone. It is done. it is never coming back again so there’s no point in beating yourself up over things that many have happened many years ago. No one is perfect. We all have made mistakes. We’ve all had a bad time in one way or another- but we do not have to let those mistakes or bad times define who we are today.

The present is here- right now. Start from here- right now. Let the past stay in the past where it belongs. You, however, have no place there anymore.

#optimisticallyyours  #LOA #debbieailman #positivethinking #lifecoaching #crystalhealing #counselingwithdebbie


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