Change It Up

990205258_030You know, sometimes we get stuck in a rut. We get comfortable doing the same things over and over again. An that’s okay, as long as we’re getting the results we want to get.

But if we’re not, then maybe it’s time to change the way we do things. Take a good hard look and decide where we need to change and how we’re going to do it.

Sure, it’s not always easy. It’s certainly not always comfortable. But is it worth it? Yes. And so are you.

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Each One

Each one makes us stronger- each event that causes some turmoil in our lives.

From that turmoil can come determination, strength and confidence. It can mold you into the type of person who can make the best of what life brings us.

Don’t fear turmoil; it is part of life and a part of life that can very valuable indeed, if you take the time to see the value it brings.

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They Belong To You

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThey belong to you. Your thoughts and your ideas so pay attention to them when they flash through your mind. Pay attention to all the little “signals” that the universe sends you- the ones you tend to discount because you think it’s “just your imagination”

Your imagination is a fountain from which dreams spring forth. Your dreams. Your ideas.

So instead of saying “Oh, it’s just my imagination,” say something like “Okay, now how can I proceed to bring this idea into fruition.” And then let those ideas flow to you.

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Hang In There!

35920025One of the most valuable qualities you can have is the ability to persevere, to keep hanging in there even through setbacks. See the setback as an example of how NOT to do something, and tweak it- but don’t abandon an idea because of a little difficulty.

If you do that, then you wont’ get anything done. You’d be flitting from idea to idea, abandoning each one when the “going gets rough” and a problem arises.

Stay the course. Hang in there. Your ideas and your dreams are worth the effort and so are you.

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What Do You Say?

990108468_034What do you say when you talk to yourself? What kind of words run through your mind?

Are they the same kind of words you would use when you’re talking to someone you love- encouraging, uplifting, kind? Or do you rip yourself to shreds? Do you use words like stupid and undeserving?

Look, the truth is that we need to be our own best friends. We are the ones who need to o the encouraging. We are the ones that have to be supportive-to us. Kindness is not reserved for everybody else but us.

Think about this. Only you know what goes on inside your head. Only you know the words you speak to yourself.

Are those words helping or hurting you?

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Will It Be Up Or Down?

35920118Will it be up or down? Your journey through this life?

Will every setback destroy you; every mistake bring you misery? Will a chance remark deflate you? If you let it then it will. You will always be at the bottom of the steps looking up, but you will never climb to a higher level.

The world is full of setbacks. We all make mistakes. And there’s always somebody saying the “wrong thing” You’re not going to get away from it unless you choose to live in a bubble. And how much fun would that be? Probably not much.

Learn from your mistakes and climb. Let people talk. Ignore it…and climb.

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It’s All In The Way You See It

DSC01667_0034It’s all in the way you see it- your life experiences. It’s like the “glass half full or glass half empty” kind of thing, If you continue to focus on the not-so-good then all you will do is open the door for more of that stuff to make its way to you. Things will always be cruddy.

This is all in yours hands. There is no badge for suffering. There is no pat on the back. You are not going to score points for being miserable. The only thing it is going to get you is more misery. End of story. Done deal.

And because it is all in your hands it means you have the power to change it. See the glass as ‘half full” and put your focus on the kind of stuff that makes you feel better.

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Right Here, Right Now

990205258_004Right here and right now-is where your search for happiness should be. And it should come from right inside you.

If you wait for some future event to bring you happiness then you will ALWAYS be waiting. How many times have you said something like “I’ll be happy when I have a new car”and then, guess what, you have a new car. So you’re happy- for about an hour. Then you say to say to yourself “I’ll be happy when…”

It’s “I’m happy now” and not “I’ll be happy when” Reach inside your heart. See what you have to be happy about right now. Celebrate that. The “here and now” is what will make you truly happy.

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Are You Selling Yourself Short?

dsc02014_0004Are you selling yourself short? Are you afraid to try new things because you don’t feel “up to the task” or you think somebody else can do a better job than you can?

YOU are the one setting imaginary boundaries that you are afraid to cross. YOU and only you.

Stop drawing lines in the sand and get up and walk across the beach- you’re worth the tome and effort.

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So What?

990210627_010So what- if you fail at something? At least you had the courage to try. And just because the first time you tried it things didn’t work out doesn’t mean you can’t try it again from a different angle- and it just may work out perfectly for you.

But you took action- and that is what matters. You had the courage to start. And that kind of courage will keep you moving…and succeeding.

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