It’s Not The Place For You

990108468_034It’s not the place for you…the past. It’s gone and it’s done.

Don’t pend anymore sleepless night worrying about what your Aunt Silvia said in your freshman year of college about your not being “college material.” You graduated, so I guess you must be.

That break-up you had with your steady? How many years ago was that? So perhaps some unkind things were said. People often say mean things when they’re mad and very often when they’re young, before the maturity of years kicks in to help you discern what to say and when to say it.

We all had rotten things happen in our past.No one is immune. But we don’t have to carry those things around in our pockets like old rotten tomatoes.

Nope, we have a right to go to the store and pick up some shiny new tomatoes and some shiny new memories to go with them.

#optimisticallyyours #LOA #crystalhealing #counselingwthdebbie #LOA #debbieailman #lifecoaching


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