Open It



Open it… your heart. Let people into your life. Take that chance and reach out. Make a connection.

If you are alone, why not join a group where you will have a common interest? Meet-up is full of different places. if you like photography. for example, why not join that kind of group? Or a book club? Say hello to your neighbors instead of shuffling by them. Reach out.

Sometimes it can be a little difficult when you’re a little introverted to make a connection with another, but it doesn’t have to be all that- it doesn’t have to be some kind of torrid love affair or some lifetime commitment. Just a little bit of reaching outside of yourself so that you are not so alone. You most likely will find that this will be of great benefit to you.

But you have to take that first step; you must grab onto that first rung of the ladder.

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Tweak It

990108468_034Sometimes you have to tweak it…your attitude. You can’t be a grump and expect people to want to be around you. You can’t expect somebody to help you out if you are never there for anyone; you seem to always be too busy. You can’t say to yourself that you want to succeed when every thought you think is one of failure.

Stop and take notice of this. See how people want to be around you when you smile, see how good it feels to help someone else. See how much better it feels to honestly believe that you will succeed. A little tweaking may be in order.

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Make It A Habit


Make it a habit…of writing down and reviewing your goals. You don’t have to do it every day, but make it a practice of spending a little time each week reviewing what you’ve written, what steps you have taken to get there, what steps you need to take, and also, if this goal still serves you.

Sometimes we have an idea in our head but as time goes on, we realize that perhaps this idea is not really what we had in mind. If that’s the way you really feel, then it’s time to act on it and switch it out. If it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t.

Make it a habit to know where you want to go and how your journey is progressing

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Let Go

990210627_010Let go…of things you might have said or done that didn’t turn out exactly as you might have liked. Perhaps you said the wrong thing. Perhaps a decision you made did not turn out exactly as you wanted it to. Maybe you shouldn’t have gone down that path at all.

But you said it or you did it. You can’t take it back. You cant make time go in reverse and get a “do-over.” It’s just not gonna happen.

But you can put it behind you. You can take the time, on the next go around, to think more carefully before you speak, or to perhaps approach something in a different way.

Let it teach you a lesson- a way to do better the next time. But don’t let it ever defeat you.

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Seek Them Out

35920022Seek them out…mentors- people who have been in your position and have successfully negotiated the hurdles. Ask advice when you need to. Don’t be too proud. Pride will get you nowhere fast.

When you see somebody who has been in a similar situation to where you are now ask them what they did to be successful. Perhaps you won’t take all the advice they give you; maybe some if it just won’t work for you.

But some of it might and probably will. Maybe it’s something you never thought of doing before, but you won’t know that until (and unless) you seek out these answers.

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Happy Easter!



Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it. And for those who do not then I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and remember to treat yourself with kindness because you matter in this world. Enjoy your day!

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You Deserve It!

35920050You deserve it…a break. Life is about balance- because balance is what gets the job done right. Knowing when to work and when to stop. Knowing when to take a step back and recharge. And most of us know when that time is, because, as we continue to work because we think we should- we just start making lots of mistakes. We get frustrated and angry, but we keep at it anyway, and we keep spiraling downward.

That is your signal to step away. That is your signal to make a shift in your thoughts and activities and do something you like. You’ll know again when it’s time to get back to the task at hand.

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Sure You Can!

Sure you can…make a fresh start; anytime you really want to.

Sure, we all make mistakes. Sometimes we choose a path that may end up not being the best one for us, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep going in that direction. We can stop, take a breath, and then decide to go another way…to begin again. And it doesn’t matter how many times we do it either- in fact don’t stop until your path feels right to you.

Never deny yourself a fresh start. They belong to us no matter what.

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Live For Today



Live for today. Notice the things that are happening around you right now. Cherish the moments that are happening right now.

Some people are so caught up in mulling over things that happened in the past, or worrying about the things that are yet to come our way, that we let all our “todays” pass by and then we say to ourselves “What happened to my life?”

You don’t remember a lot of things because, while they were happening, you switched your focus to some argument you had with your cousin ten years (and your cousin doesn’t even remember that you had an argument) or you’re too busy worrying about what’s gonna happen two weeks from Tuesday.

And today- well it just disappears. The sunrise was beautiful- but you didn’t notice it. Your child said “I love you,” but you didn’t hear it…

Today is all you have so don’t be in such a hurry to leave it behind.

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Step Back A Little

35920042Step back a little- when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Don’t keep plugging away at it- getting upset and thinking that if you just keep plugging away that it will all fall together.

It is at that point that you need to step away. Sit quietly somewhere and close your eyes. Have a cup of herbal tea. Take a bubble bath. Play with a pet. You’ll find that when you do that your mind relaxes and opens up more. It can give you a new perspective; it can give you new ideas. Then you can return to your tasks.

A relaxed mind is a powerful mind.

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