Step Outside

35920022Step outside- step outside your comfort zone. It’s pretty cozy in there, and familiar, but while you sit all comfortable and warm, there’s something whizzing by you.

Look a little closely now. What are those things? There are so many of them.

Those are your dreams. They’re passing you by. They’re on their way to somebody else- somebody who decided to step out of that comfort zone, open the door, and let them in.

Those people made a decision to allow themselves to feel the uncertainty and the anxiety because the payoff was greater than any fear or anxiety- the fruition of a goal or dream.

You know that old saying “Ya gotta be in it to win it?” This is more like “Ya gotta step out of it to win it!”

#optimisticallyyours #LOA #crystalhealing #counselingwithdebbie #positivethinking #lifecoaching #debbieailman



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