It’s How You Measure It That Matters…


It’s how you measure it that matters…your success. It’s how YOU feel about what you’re doing and about the path you take that should be paramount.

Sure, you can listen to the advice that others give you- and it may very well be worth it. But if it doesn’t feel right to you, then no matter what they say, you should probably leave it alone.

Go at your own pace. Let others go at the speed that is comfortable to them and let them seek the path that is right for them- it might not be the right thing for you to share that same road.

I think you’ll find your own path, the one that sings to your soul, has the best view of all.

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Sometimes Ya Gotta…

990204522_021Sometimes ya gotta…let go. Sometimes you need to walk away from a situation where you may not be getting the best possible outcome. And that applies to our relationships as well.

If you are not being treated with respect and if you don’t feel good being in the company of another person then it may be time to move on. Waiting for somebody to change may mean you’re in for a very long wait. Yes, people CAN change and often do- but a lasting change is one where the person makes that change because they honestly feel it is in their own best interest to do so and not because somebody else is trying to “make” them do it. Those types of changes never last and the person being asked to make that change may come to resent it- and you.

Always remember that you are worth being loved and appreciated and seek out those who will indeed appreciate you- and then you do the same for them.

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C’mon Now…



C’mon now…isn’t it time to believe in yourself- to have faith that you can reach the goals you set? Isn’t it time?

Look, we have a finite period of time here. Do you want that last whistle to blow and you never even took your shot? What if you would have made it?

It’s your life. So make the most of it. Follow your heart and put yourself out there. Take that shot and get to the top.

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Don’t Give Up

35920007Don’t give up…before you give your dream a chance to get going. Failure is NOT a sign that that whole idea is wrong but merely that you may be going about it the wrong way.

Look at our friend Edison here. If he quit after one or two attempts at making electricity then we might still be reading by candlelight. Something to think about,eh?

Don’t give up. Just stop- regroup- and see if you can approach what you want in a different direction. Each “failure” brings you closer to a positive solution, if you choose to see it that way- and aren’t you glad Edison chose to see it like that?

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You Be One



You be one…you be the light- the light of joy and good will. You be the one to smile; even if you think there is nothing to smile about you will find just the act of smiling makes you feel better. And the great thing about that is that, when others see you smile then they often smile as well.

I’m sure you’ve been in this situation- somebody starts laughing and then everybody starts laughing. Everybody gets happy.

But they need one person to start it- so let that person be you.

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Do You Notice Them?

990210132_005Are you noticing them…the signs all around you? Little subtle signs from the Universe letting you know that it has heard you and is helping you.

That song on the radio, that billboard, an overheard conversation- anything that has you thinking “Hey- could that be a sign?” if you think that, then guess what? It is and it was meant for you.

Don’t discount the signs along the way.

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You Are In Control

DSC01702_0012You are in control…of your feelings in any given situation. You are in control of how you feel and how you react.

You may not be able to control the events around you, or the reactions of other people- that is up to them. But if you can mentally place yourself in a place of peace then your reactions will be one of inspired confidence.Your reactions will make sense when the reactions of others do not. You will be the calm in the center of the storm. You will find solutions when others can not. You will be the beacon of light that others are drawn to. Be that place of peace.

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Add The “So”

990205258_011Add the “so” to it…when you start to think “what if”

“What if” is done, it’s past, it’s finished. You can’t go back and redo the “what if’s” of the past; they have to be released.

But if you add a “so” to this equation “So what if it I did that, it’s done now,” it frees you up to move forward and take the next step on your path.

As long as you breathe, there is always the opportunity to move forward. You can change the picture and let any regrets of the past stay in the past where they belong and not creeping up on you to intrude on your todays and tomorrows

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It Can Be Simple…


It can be simple- feeling happy. It’s easy to do. And the trick is to be happy for the little things in your life.

Years ago, I had a good friend who was like that- she was happy and saw the beauty of every little thing. Her favorite thing was her morning bran muffin. She would sit at the table and it was obvious she was enjoying that muffin. At first I didn’t get it- and I asked her about it- after it, it wasn’t like the muffin was a new car or anything like that- it was just a muffin.

She told me “Debbie, being grateful for the little things leaves the door open for the big things to come your way.” And in truth, I really never saw her struggle for anything; she always had enough and she was always happy.

Maybe we should all eat bran muffins for breakfast

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Break It Down…


Break it down…big tasks into smaller steps. Just get started. Maybe you want to clean out all your closets…so start with a shelf in one of them. Maybe you want to spring clean the whole house…so start by dusting the living room.

Large tasks (or just those that you really don’t want to do) will go much more smoothly if you just take some action- because taking that small step will motivate you to take another…

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