Ready, Set…Jump!


Ready, set…jump! Don’t just sit there waiting for the right time to do something, because guess what- the time may never be exactly right.

The time to act on an idea is when it first pops into your head, and the thought feels right- like it’s in alignment with everything you believe in. You have that idea for a reason- because you were meant to act on it, and not wait until the first Tuesday that it rains after 3 PM. or after you change jobs (and you’ve had the same job for twenty years and you have no plans to go anywhere else) or, well, whatever you feel like telling yourself that day.

Why not tell yourself something different- that it’s time to get going!

#optimisticallyyours #LOA #counselingwiithdebbie #crystalhealing #debbieailman #positivethinking #lifecoaching


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