It Can Be Simple…


It can be simple- feeling happy. It’s easy to do. And the trick is to be happy for the little things in your life.

Years ago, I had a good friend who was like that- she was happy and saw the beauty of every little thing. Her favorite thing was her morning bran muffin. She would sit at the table and it was obvious she was enjoying that muffin. At first I didn’t get it- and I asked her about it- after it, it wasn’t like the muffin was a new car or anything like that- it was just a muffin.

She told me “Debbie, being grateful for the little things leaves the door open for the big things to come your way.” And in truth, I really never saw her struggle for anything; she always had enough and she was always happy.

Maybe we should all eat bran muffins for breakfast

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