Just A Small One…


Boost your confidence- take a small step towards your goal. Even a small step is better than just kind of sitting there waiting to get started. It’s like keeping a car engine on “idle” -A car was meant to move ahead and so are you,

Start small…but start. You’ll see the difference it makes in the way you feel about what you are doing. You’ll start to feel better not only about your project but also about your ability to complete it successfully.

Just try it- try it right now and see what you think.

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Keep It In Perspective


Keep it in perspective- those little annoyances in life. Missing your bus or train is not the end of the world. Having to buy another brand of fabric softener from your usual brand is not an apocalypse.

So often we make such a big deal out of little things, we pump so much negative energy into them that we condition ourselves to get upset at the drop of a hat- and that is no way to be.

Before you get mad over a small thing ask yourself if it’s really worth getting upset over.

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Be The Light…



Be the light- in someone’s day. Make their day a little happier just because they met you. So many people need a smile so give them one of yours. So many people want to make a connection with somebody; they feel alone and isolated. Make a little small talk with someone as you wait in line at the grocery or coffee shop. Nod and say “How ya doin” it only take a minute and that minute could be the high point of somebody’s day. Be the one that brings a smile to someone’s lips.

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Embrace It!


Be ready for it and embrace it…change. Things normally do have to change before they get better, and yes, change can be scary;venturing into the unknown can be unsettling and uncomfortable.But if we can push past these feelings and take a new path then the rewards can be worth it.

So remember, change is a necessary part of life if we are to grow. And from growth comes success and the resolve to continue to move forward.

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Build One…



Build one..a strong support team. Surround yourself with people who support your goals and ambitions. Choose friends that have done what you want to do.

Now I am not saying to abandon friends just because they don’t want to do what you want to do- what I’m saying is that if you are constantly around people who try to tear you down then it’s time to really think about where these kinds of relationships are going and if they are even beneficial.

You deserve to be successful and happy. You deserve to succeed and one of the best ways to do that is to seek out like minded people who will be there for you to cheer you on.

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Take The Time…

35920022Take the time…to spend time with those close to you. Don’t brush them off, thinking that there will always be time to see your parents, or your elderly aunt- or any of them, But the truth is, as we know, that tomorrow is promised to no one so make that time TODAY for those who matter in your life. The movie can wait. The shopping can wait.

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Jump In!

Jump in…and take this day! Do something you want to do. So many times we watch other people going places and doing fun things- but we never seem to do that for ourselves.

Okay, I get it- we don’t all have the money to jet to Paris; however, there are things that we like to do, that we CAN do, but yet we still DON’T do it- and then later we get angry with ourselves because we don’t make time.

We can go on a picnic, or take a walk in the park. or perhaps go to the beach or a pool, or read a favorite book or even take a hot bubble bath. You know what you like to do and what is reasonable for you to do- so don’t deny yourself today- jump in and take the day just for you!

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