Welcome To It!

Vibrant Sun 4Welcome to your brand new week! It belongs to you so what will you do with it? Will you use it to be kind, to be helpful, to take another step towards your goals? Will you appreciate all the little things that you frequently overlook?

Then I think you’re going to have a great week!

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Have a Little Fun!


Have a little fun. Investing in your own well-being is not a waste of time, rather, it is a sound investment in yourself.

Everybody needs a little time away from their daily grind.It helps you see things with fresh eyes. It helps you look at things with a refreshed mind. It helps you discover new things and perhaps a new way of being.

Take a little time to be good to yourself. You count too. Remember that.

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Don’t Let It Haunt You…

0412f157-f908-464a-a9b8-1adc671023a2_0022Don’t let it haunt you…your past. Don’t carry it around with you everywhere you go. Don’t let it take up all that room in your thoughts. It needs to be left behind.

We all make mistakes. We’ve all done things that we’ve been less than proud of. All of us. The point ere is- do we learn from these things and move on successfully- or do we just keep reliving them over and over and over again?

Your choice. Stay stuck with the “ghosts” of yesterday or move forward towards a brighter tomorrow?

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Take The Slow Road

Vibrant Sun 2Take the slow road…and enjoy the scenery. Take the slow road…and enjoy all the beauty life has to offer.

Yes, there are times when we need to have a sense of urgency and we need to move fast. But that is not every single time. Notice how often you are in a hurry to go nowhere. We get ourselves into the habit of moving fast and then we think it applies to everything in life.

But it doesn’t…

Remember that and don’t let life pass you by in one big blur.

It’s Futile…

Green SkyIt’s futile to compare…yourself to others because we all have our own individual strengths. Just because your best friend may be a chef and you can’t even boil water does not make that person better than you. You have something that you are better at than your chef friend.

But too often we under- value our own gifts while putting positive focus on the attributes of others. So what if you can’t cook- may you’re a great writer or painter or…whatever.

Put your positive focus there. It’s not wrong to compliment other people- we should probably all do that more often. But to praise somebody else while at the same time putting yourself down? Uh, that’s a “no”

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Are You Communicating?

990105679_004Are you communicating actively to those close to you about your wants and needs- or do you just assume they can read your mind?

Do you sit and pout because your significant other didn’t remember that you casually mentioned that you wanted to try the new restaurant in town and then said nothing more about it- and now it’s Friday night and you’re angry because they didn’t suggest that you go there? Then why not say “I’d like to try that new restaurant in town; why don’t we go this Friday night?”

People are not mind readers. Each person has a myriad of thoughts, concerns, hopes and fears. Knowing this, it is up to us to clearly communicate what it is we want and not get angry because that person is not hanging onto every single word we say and putting those words above everything that they are thinking or worrying about.

Be direct- in a kind and compassionate way but say what you mean.

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Keep That Flow Coming…

35920042Keep that flow coming…that flow of abundance that is available to everyone.

Don’t cut that flow off by being jealous or envious of others for their good fortune. When you think like that, then you sincerely believe that there will not be enough for you if somebody else got it all.And when you think like that, then you cut yourself off from the flow.

Be happy for the good fortune of others because it means that yours is on its way to you.

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