This Is Your Decision…

35920022This is your decision and your decision alone- the path you take in life.

So what feels right to you? What is calling to you? Those are strong indicators of the right road for you.

And it doesn’t have to be what everyone else is doing- that’s why they call it “your path” It’s not about your sister or the guy across the street- they have their own way to go.

Your path will be the one you feel best on. It will be the one that brings you joy just thinking about it. It’s where you belong.

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It’s What You Make It…

Green SkyIt’s what you make it…life. Do you choose to be appreciative? Are you happy for a sunny day or a hot cup of coffee? Or are those things just “mundane” and they don’t count? Are you sitting there just moping around and waiting to win the lottery or for your old rich uncle to kick the bucket? Do you figure that having all that cash will finally make you happy?

Well guess what…it won’t. Well, it will for a little while but then that feeling will wear off and you’ll be moping around again looking for some more rich relatives to pass away.

Be happy now! Be grateful now. Cultivate an attitude of appreciation. It will each day feel special and you won’t have to wait for a funeral.

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Are You Taking Some Time…

35920042Are you taking some connect with your inner self? Do you pay attention to that little voice when it calls to you? Or do you close it off and instead listen to the voice of others.

Now listening to others is not a bad thing- we can learn valuable lessons form others. But when somebody is giving you advice and that little voice is literally screaming no, no. no- then perhaps it’s time to start listening to that inner you- because that is the best possible advice to take.

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It’s Here!!!

990204522_021It’s here- a brand new week! It’s full of opportunities for those who choose to see it that way. It’s a fresh slate being offered to you- the mistakes of the past can go bye-bye.

Or- it’s here- a brand new week! But if you want to focus on the mistakes of last week then be prepared for more of the same. Not much opportunity here.

So what will it be- a gift or a rerun? You decide!

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Believe In You

Vibrant Sun 3Believe in you. Believe in your abilities. See yourself for the valuable person you are.

Perhaps you’ve been friends with doubt for a long time- so it’s time to “unfriend” him. He may tell you that he’s saving your heartbreak by stressing your limitations- but those are limitations that you let him put on you- they are really NOT you.

So dump your friend “doubt” and go over and shake hands with your new friend “confidence” and start to listen to what he has to say instead.

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It’s a “you” day. That’s right I said it- this day is yours, so do something nice for yourself. Do something you like to do but haven’t made time for yourself lately.

Sure, you’ve done things for the kids, or the dog, or your significant other. That’s great- but what about you? What would you like to do?

Okay, you don’t need to say something like “I want to buy a Rolls Royce” but hey, if you do and you can afford it then good for you- go for it!

But what about that movie you’ve been waiting to see? What about that book you want to read? What about that bubble bath and that glass of wine or that yoga class?

Think about it- what would you like to do with this day that is yours?

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Find It…

Parashoots SunFind it…find the joy in each situation. What is positive about it? What could you change a little bit to make it more positive? What is that situation trying to teach you?

Let’s pull out the good in life. And if it’s not so good, is there something we can do to make it better?

A little change in attitude can make a big difference in how we fare in life.

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It Sure Is…


It sure is…a sign.

If a song comes on the radio and that song means something to you then it is a sign. If you drive past a billboard and the words on it mean something to you- then it is a sign.

Too many times we say t ourselves “I need a sign to let me know to go ahead but I never get one.” But in the meantime you pass a billboard with a Nike advertisement that says “Just Do It” Or you hear a song that gets you moving; one that you have always connected with moving forward but you switch it to another station while saying “I need a sign”

You’ve been getting them- you just choose not to recognize it.Now is the time to open your eyes and ears.

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It’s Up To You…

Green SkyIt’s up to you…to make the most of what you’ve got, because so many times we are so busy looking at what the other guy has that we never seem to notice all the bounty that is before us.

We’re looking over here or over there and why can’t we do what that other guy is doing?

But you know what? Maybe that other guy is looking over at you and thinking why can’t he be doing what you’re doing.

Bloom where you are planted.

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Hold Up There…

Vibrant Sun 4Hold up there…when you start to get angry or upset. Think to yourself- is it really necessary to fly off the handle? Is it really necessary to yell or scream or perhaps say things you can never take back?

Or is it better to just takeĀ  deep breath, step away and think about it for awhile until you feel the anger start to quell?

If you learn to step back, if you learn not to react right away when things go wrong then you will condition yourself to remain calmer longer- and that can make the difference between smoothing an argument over or an all out battle.

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