What Would Be Best…

Vibrant Sun 3

A short time ago, a friend of mine had a difficult decision to make. She is a cat lover like I am, and to us our cats are our children. But one of her kids was not happy, and had not been for a long time. This particular kitty shared a house with five other cats and a dog. He hid all the time, only coming out to grab a little bit of food before running away to hide again. He also stopped using the litter box because the other kitties picked on him.

She didn’t want to give him up. She knew that there were medications out there that might help him but she could never grab him and forget about putting it in the food because the other cats would just eat it.

Her elderly mother told her that she wanted the cat. He would be the only cat there and her mother is a very kind lady and my friend knew her kitty would be well taken care of. But, giving up a cat? That was like giving up a child.

But she thought about it and said that she wanted to do the best thing for him. Sure she wanted him to stay- in her mind that would be best for her. No, she came to the conclusion that kitty was going to live with her mom. It broke her heart, but she did it.

The kitty has never been happier. He runs and plays and eats a leisurely meal now. He has blossomed. And her mother has never been happier- she has a new little person to nurture.

We need to think what really is the best thing- and not just for ourselves. For when we do things always turn out the way they are supposed to. It becomes a win-win situation all around, and now my friend looks forward to visiting her mother and the kitty.

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